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Our Mission


There is a notion that, to grow a business, one only needs access to capital. But we know that there is a better way to grow. One where companies are sustainable and align their vision with their financial strategy. We believe that businesses can grow with a healthy financial structure. And then, banks and investors would fight to be able to invest in them instead of the other way around.


A company should make its decisions based on Business Intelligence and not intuition.



With the right systems and tools a company becomes much more profitable and solvent.



Change requires innovation, and innovation leads to progress.

"Innovation distinguishes leaders from followers."

– Steve Jobs

Down memory lane

Our History

As high-level professionals, the partners met in 2014 while working at one of the most prestigious investment banking firms in Guadalajara, Mexico. As a team we were one of the most efficient that the firm had seen.

Investment Banking is one of the most competitive industries. And, while working in it, we realized something. The firm only served high-level clients and did not serve clients that, even though they were smaller, had the potential to grow if given the right tools.

From this change of perspective, Kraken Financial was born. We were founded on the vision that every great company was once an idea in the minds of its founders. And a good idea with the right tools can grow healthy and strong.

Communication is key

A Customized Service

Let us get to work

The first step with the vast majority of our clients is to conduct a Business Model Audit of their company. This can be compared to going to the doctor when you feel bad. A BM Audit is an investigation of the different areas of the company to understand the business model, its operation and its capital structure. Based on this information, we can determine the financial situation in which you are currently located. In this way we can generate a professional opinion about the profitability and liquidity of the company, and find areas for improvement.

With our methodology and virtual tools we can carry out this process without affecting one of your most valuable assets: your time.

Conocer el problema a fondo

Our methodology always starts with a thorough investigation of your company. This is essential for the development of any work.

Determine Goals

Every project is carried out by establishing the objectives to be achieved in a chronological order.

Long-term Strategy

A company, like a ship, must have direction. All decisions must be made with that long-term direction in mind.

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We guide you every step of the way

At Kraken Financial we really care about your business and we want to see it grow. Contact us to see how we can make this process easier for you.

How can we help?

We have experience
in many areas

At Kraken we look to form an alliance with your company and help you grow.

Company Valuation

Whether it's a startup or an ongoing business, we help you determine the right value for your company.

Financial Models

We help you visualize the future with the right financial models with different scenarios.

Business Planning

We help you plan your company's investment projects in detail.

Financial Restructuring

Administrative errors or unexpected events may cause the need for financial restructuring in the company.

"They say that time changes things, but the reality is that you have to change them yourself.

-Andy Warhol

A team of experts

Our team is highly trained to help your company grow in a sustained way.

important things you should know


Unlike most consulting firms, at Kraken we have a proven and well-established methodology. We open a virtual portal to each of our clients in which we establish each of the steps to follow with their estimated time horizon.

At Kraken we have developed a 100% virtual methodology that allows us to work with companies all over the world. Many of our clients are outside of Mexico and we can serve companies from any part of the planet.

At Kraken we believe that everyone has the right to access quality financial consulting. However, the price of personalized consulting can be high for a company that does not yet generate income. For this reason we offer financial training courses to give you the tools to do it yourself.

At Kraken we work with investors and investment funds. We help you structure and analyze your projects to present them clearly. However, capital raising cannot be guaranteed. The investors are the ones who ultimately decide if the project is attractive to them or not.

We are a financial consulting firm. But we know that the legal and tax areas go hand in hand with some projects. For this reason we have developed a network of very capable professionals in these areas who we can bring to the project.

We would love to be able to set a standardized price for our services. Unfortunately each case is radically different and involves different workloads for us as a firm. You can contact us and we will ask you a few questions to size up the workload. Based on that we will make you a proposal without any kind of commitment.

  • In the case of venture capital we charge between 3% and 5% on the funds obtained.
  • In the case of debt, we charge between 1% and 2% on the financing obtained. (In most cases the commission is paid by the bank)

The normal thing is to charge an agreed amount of money for our services. But we are always willing to analyze a project and evaluate the potential of becoming part of the team as a partner.