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Virtual CFO Service

What is CFO as a Service? As a small business owner it is very likely that you do not need a full-time CFO (Chief Financial Officer) but you do need more financial expertise than the accountant you work with may have.

Even if you, as a business owner, are trained to manage your company’s finances, this is a demanding activity that takes time away from dedicating yourself to what is really important; running your business and making it grow.

CFO as a Service

At Kraken Financial we offer you a CFO service at a much more affordable price than hiring a full-time or part-time expert in your company.

What does a CFO do?

A CFO is responsible of:

Presenting Financial Reports

The CFO is in charge of presenting to the board of directors or shareholders the historical financial information of the company in a punctual (on time) and clear (summarized, structured and easy to understand) way as well as an interpretation of the information. This is one of the most important functions since most decisions are made based on this information.

Capital Structure

The CFO is also responsible for the financial condition of the company. You must make decisions about how the company’s money is invested in the short term, taking into account risk and liquidity. He is also responsible for supervising how the company finances its operations and growth using a mixture of debt, equity, and internal financing, this is known as the capital structure of the company.

Financial Strategy & Models

Not only is the CFO responsible for analyzing and presenting the past financial situation of a company and managing the present financial situation. He is also a key player in the future of the company. A CFO must be able to identify and report which areas of the company are the most efficient. In addition to this, you must be prepared to face different risk scenarios.

For example, in a manufacturing company, the CFO must know which products make the most money for the company and capitalize on this information. In addition to this, you must be prepared to face various risk scenarios such as a rise in a currency parity, an increase in the price of a raw material, or the loss of a key customer. For this, financial modeling techniques and sensitivity analysis are used.

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At Kraken Financial we understand what it is like to face the complexity of financial information without having the tools or expertise to interpret it and make decisions. We have helped many companies like yours transform into a corporation where decisions are made based on business intelligence and not intuition. We can help you implement a financial strategy and implement the systems that your business needs. With our method, you will obtain the necessary tools to transform your company and grow.

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